Hi, I'm Gabriel.

I'm a Software Engineer from Los Angeles.

about me

I'm a Software Engineer at Merit International with experience in Scala, TypeScript, Java, and Javascript.

I am the lead development coordinator and API design manager for the Sponge project, a large-scale API framework for the popular game Minecraft. I have been a leader of this project since October 2015.


Under Development since new Job


SpongePowered - A plugin framework written for the game Minecraft

  • Lead API Designer: Guiding the direction of the API's overall design to achieve relative forward compatibility while maintaining intrinsically backwards compatible frameworks for minimal changes required in future updates.
  • Core contributor in implementation of the API with high priority being to maintain compatibility with other modding frameworks potentially in play.
  • Organization Co-Leader, working to cultivate the community and continuously engaging in efforts to join two previously segregated communities.

contact me

[email protected]